Are you a new Grandparent?

Do you want to be the best parent and grand parent ever? That’s a silly question! However I want to share some ideas that will help you on this awesome journey! Sure, we’ve been parents, we’ve been there done that, right? And yes, we do have a lot to offer! But how much do our children want offered? That’s the fine line we all get to figure out based on our family dynamics.  This illustrates what I’m talking about…I’ll explain the wood high chair. I’m sure it was a beautiful high chair when it was new.  So, the back story of why the picture…When I became a new mother, I had in my mind that I wanted to get one of those high chairs with the plastic tray that goes all the way around and holds the food and spills and is easy to clean. But, my well meaning in-laws decided that I should have a really nice high chair that was like a piece of furniture. So they showed up one day with this beautiful wood high chair.  My heart sunk because I was so happy that they would get us a high chair, but so sad that it was a high chair that is NOT practical at all.  What was I suppose to do, say “no thanks” ummm no. So I gracefully accepted the gift and used it even though it wasn’t what I had dreamed of.

So based on this little story, I wanted to explain why talking to our children that become new parents, is really important.  Communicating with them and asking questions, questions, like how you can help them. Asking what is important to them to purchase themselves, so they can pick out exactly what they want.  Making sure that when you find something or have an idea for them. that you always check with them and make sure they are okay with you getting them something. It can be a real help financially to purchase bigger items for them, but still very important to talk about it with them, so you aren’t stepping on toes.  They will appreciate your consideration!

Just a small example, when our daughter had her first baby girl, I knew that it was a thrill for her to do certain things for her daughter.  I always checked with her about what she needed or wanted unless I already knew, or it was something little that would be for fun. Then one day when her baby was old enough to wear a swimming suit, she asked me not to get her a swimming suit. I was really glad she told me that, because it was important to her, to pick out her first swimming suit. I knew that it would be, but sometimes those little things might be big things to our new parenting kids.  I’m not saying to be paranoid about giving your kids things or doing fun things, I’m just saying that it’s important to keep that communication open so that everyone can be on the same page and enjoy this awesome journey together! It’s more important to have a good relationship with your kids than to indulge yourself going overboard getting them things. Yes, it’s so fun when we see something or don’t resist going to the baby sections of stores because we are so excited to have a grand baby!