Planting a garden with your grandkids

Have you ever started a garden indoors with seeds before it’s warm enough to plant 🌱 outside? It’s very rewarding and a great opportunity to teach your grandkids how the food we eat is grown. We had so much fun because kids love dirt and water, so it’s a win win! We got some styrofoam cups, potting soil. and seeds. We lined the cups up in a box and filled them with the potting soil…wow is it messy, especially when you let the kids put the dirt in the cup! That’s why we did it outside! We counted the amount of seeds we needed for each plant and put them in the dirt. Then the watering is fun but a little tricky since they don’t need very much water in each cup. So good luck with that 😳! That did require a little more monitoring, so the seeds wouldn’t get washed out of the cup! We had to use a cup to pour the water in the planting cups, even though they thought using a hose would be fun! Yeah well good idea, but let’s play with the hose when we’re done! Every week that goes by we watched the seeds poking through the dirt and getting taller. When it was warm enough to transplant outside, it was fun for the kids to start digging holes in the dirt. They enjoyed putting the plants into the dirt and putting the dirt back in the hole