Simple ways to teach grandkids how to cook

This photo is my actual experience. I think I was trying to make bread… not sure what that thought process was but I wouldn’t recommend letting it get to that point! But whatever works for you DO IT! I know its definitely a challenge to take the time to let your grandkids help you in the kitchen, BUT it is so worth it! The first thing it does is show them that you are genuinely interested in them because you are taking time with them to show them something new. First thing I do is consider the age of the child….they can be pretty young to pour a cup of something and its enough sometimes. Obviously they need to be older when working near the stovetop, but I prefer to let them do the non cooking part, the prep. They like to get all the tools, it makes them feel grown up and part of the whole process. Keep it going, or they will lose interest or get into something else 😙. They still like to climb, even if you have a stool they will want to get higher and closer. Well that’s been my experience with the boys anyway 😜. To personalize it even more they like their own apron that fits. It’s just easier than adjusting an adult apron, and another way to make them feel important. The easiest thing to start with is something like brownies. Its quick but gives an opportunity to use different types of ingredients without being too overwhelming. Cake mixes and other kinds of mixes are easier to start with and advance with the child’s age. I haven’t tried Jello, I’m not that brave or actually, I’m not interested in cleaning that sugary mess! This experience will be much more enjoyable as a grandparent than it was a young mother, I promise!

Cracking eggs into the bowl first, he is loving it!

He did a good job without making a mess! Yes, sometimes the powder can fly around, but that isn’t too bad. If they really love brownies, then you can find another way to keep them entertained while you’re waiting 🙂 That’s it! They will remember this! Mom will appreciate you taking the time since it is more work for her and not quite as enjoyable at times. Most of all, have fun!